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Position Openings

Driver Positions:

We are currently accepting applications for driver position.  If you meet the following requirements, please fax or mail  copy of your recent driving record,  driver license and resume (if have one.) We will contact you in few days. 

    Qualifications Required:

  1. Valid California driver license.
  2. Cooperative attitude and the ability to stay calm under job pressures.
  3. Perfect driving record, i.e., no accidents or tickets during the last three years.
  4. Three years driving experience in LA and Orange County.
  5. Proficient in using The Thomas Guide.  Able to promptly and independently find the destination street on The Thomas Guide map.  Able to determine the best directions to the destination.
  6. Able to estimate the driving time to the destination.  Able to adjust the driving time for various times of the day or night.
  7. Working knowledge of LA and Orange County freeway systems and car pool lane availability.
  8. Working knowledge of LAX and other airports.
  9. Knowledge of the general location of cities, communities, major points of interest and major hotels in LA and Orange County.
  10. Knowledge of the approximate distance between major cities in LA and Orange County.
  11. Physical ability to hand carry 50 lbs. to the second or third floor.
  12. Willingness to take pre-employment written exams.
  13. Willingness to follow our Job Description, company Procedures and assignments.
  14. Willingness to take part in drug screening program. Drug screening includes going to the collection site and providing specimen for pre-employment, random, periodic, reasonable suspicion/cause, post accident and or other reasons as provided for by the law.
  15. Willingness to do non-driver company jobs as needed.

Drug Test Policy:

Our drug test policy applies to all employees in all positions.

        We require pre-employment screening tests.

        We require random pool tests.

        We require supervisors suspicion tests.

        We require post accident tests


Reservationist / Dispatcher Positions:

No openings at this time.


Recruitment Policy

We recruit direct.  We request employment agencies to refrain from submitting resume.



For your transportation needs, please call Los Angeles Limousine Service Company at (888) 544-4222 or send email to
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